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A szervezetfejlődés szintjei (Digitális)

A szervezetfejlődés szintjei (Digitális)
A szervezetfejlődés szintjei (Digitális)

The graphic on this poster represents the structural development in the context of the business world in all its dimensions: Quadrants, Structures and Lines (otherwise known as AQAL, as coined by Ken Wilber; it also includes State-Development and Types). Each line represents a competence (e.g. motivation, cognition, behavior, product, values, management, pay system, organizational form) that is universal in all cultures, which means that we respectively the organizations all have these lines and that they are developed up to a certain stage. The short texts show what each line looks like at each stage.

Language: Hungarian

Version: 1.1

Format: PDF (vectorized) incl. Print Version (CMYK DIN-B* with 10mm bleed)

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